The Importance for Authors to be Consistent in Brand and Message Across Social Media Platforms

Your author brand is how other people view you. If you use the right methods, you can control the message and optimize how your brand is presented to others. If you want your books to be easily recognizable, it’s important to be consistent in brand and message across all social media platforms.

Find Your Author Brand’s Voice
A great way to determine your author brand’s voice is to think about what you want to be known and how you want to talk to people. Do you want to be soft and subtle, polite and nice, or do you want to be bold, irreverent, and maybe even loud?

Keep your author brand consistent with who you are personally so that you are authentic in how you connect with readers.  Also, have a look at how other authors have branded themselves so you can determine how you can differentiate your brand from the others.

Repurpose Content
You don’t have to make brand-new content for each social media platform. You can share the same exact content across all channels. But, what you want to do is change the post text, change up the images in terms of size and type of image, but you want the tone and goal to be the same regardless of the channel you’re delivering it on.

Stay Relevant
Your author brand needs to stay relevant so you will need to stay up to date on what’s new within your genre so that you can move with the times. This may mean that your book covers need to be changed to reflect changing reader tastes. But, you do want to keep your brand’s voice, logo, images, and so forth consistent because you want people to recognize you on any platform.

Maintain Consistency
You’re more trustworthy when you are consistent. It’s also easier to find and recognize you. Ensuring that you are consistent means that you’ll see improved reader recognition because your trust levels are high.

Not only does being consistent with your author brand make it easier for readers to identify you, it also makes it easier for you to manage your images and messages. You know that you will include your logo, your colors, your website link, etc on your materials which not only gives you brand consistency, it also means you have created a system so you can concentrate on your message rather than on what standard branding items need to be included.