Podcast 56 – Anthology Highs and Lows – Is It Worth It?

The Get My Book Out There Podcast with Narelle Todd and S.E. Smith

For many authors, being a part of an anthology is one way to share your story with the readers of other authors. While it looks good on paper – a group of authors joining forces to release an anthology with a collection of stories – it can also be akin to opening a can of worms.
S.E. Smith has been in many anthologies, in particular, the annual Pets in Space anthology of original, never before published stories. Narelle has been the marketing strategiest for the Pets in Space anthology. In this episode, they talk about the positives and challenges of being in an anthology, from personality differences, to authors not meeting their promotional obligations, to learning a lot, meeting wonderful writers, and making the USA TODAY Bestsellers list. We dish the dirt on the things that can go wrong and what to look for when considering joining an anthology, and we celebrate the joy that is possible when the anthology authors work together to meet the goals of the anthology.

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