Fictionally Yours Melbourne Was A Hit!

Report on Fictionally Yours Melbourne, October 17th & 18th 2015

by Jessica Hale, @blaisezillah

That's me, Jessica, with author Lila Rose
That’s me, Jessica, with author Lila Rose

Where to start about this amazing event? Should I start with the friendly readers who all came because of their love of books? The amazing authors who gave their time to ecstatic fans or to all the helpers and organizers who put this event together, did their best to answer our questions and dealt with any hiccups that came their way the best that they could?

Even with some authors needing to pull out or only able to come one day rather than two, everyone was very supportive even if disappointed that a author couldn’t make it due to personal reasons.


While this was the organizers first event, there was very little people could complain about and everyone seemed to have a great time. The main complaint I heard was about the lines for authors however there were tickets to try to help with the flow of readers to certain authors’ tables if there were a lot of fans around for that particular author. The assistants as well as event helpers tried their best to keep the lines moving and reasonably straight and grouped together.

The authors were generous with their time and trying to connect with their fans as well as signing books and keepsakes. The assistants were friendly, helpful and pretty good at keeping things running smoothly at their author tables.

Fictionally Yours Melbourne 2015 Collage

There was a great collection of swag at each author’s table that were for fans to collect or for sale to add to their collection or to remember to look up certain authors or books once they were home. Nail files were a big hit at one table, plastic shot glasses, shirts, bookmarks, key rings, soap, pens, stubby holders, mugs, tumblers, wrist bands, lip stick pens, lip balms, magnets, posters, lollies just to name a few. So there was lots to chose from for any swag collectors plus there were some fans who made some great signing books for authors to sign.


The readers were friendly and helpful to each other and complete strangers or online friends they were meeting in person for the first time. There were also many helpful partners and friends helping with books, taking pictures, getting items signed or holding their spot in line if a line was long or moving a bit slow, so could see other authors or even for people they had meet that weekend. Readers found many new authors to try as well as meeting some favourites in person, also making new friendships and strengthening bonds.

I also heard the after party was a hit too. I didn’t go but by the sounds of it everyone had a great night together.

There were many spots around the room people could place their bags or take a breather from the crowds of people or just rest their feet from all the walking around on both days.

Fictionally Yours Melbourne Queue

I am looking forward to the next Fictionally Yours Melbourne which should be in 2017.