• I have been working with Narelle Todd of GetMyBookOutThere.com for over six years. My sales continue to grow, just as my readership does. Narelle is innovative, insightful, uses data to drive how she markets, is very loyal, honest, and of the highest ethics I've ever seen in any business/person. She is also honest about what her ideal client is because a good fit is important to the success of both her and the author. To find someone good, you have to understand it is a long term commitment and you have to understand like us, she is in business and has to make a living, so she doesn't undervalue her skills/knowledge. Success does not come overnight and good marketing that builds takes time will last. Saying this, as an author, a lot of that success also comes from how great your book is. Saying all this, I promise she is not an author (she does love to read and reads each author's book before she will accept them to see if they are a good fit) and I have nothing to do with her business except that I use her for my own marketing. I have made the New York Times and USA TODAY Bestsellers List multiple times on my own; the first time within 6 months of us working together. I met her for the first time in person this past summer when she flew in and did a presentation with me. If nothing else, talk to her. I have never had a single complaint and when I've asked her to go FAR above and beyond what she does, she has risen up and completed the task, but what was even better, she let me know that she was a bit miffed (I'm talking about creating a complete, brand new website; FB; and marketing campaign in less than a week). She had a right to be upset, but she didn't let me down. It takes a good relationship to be able to do that and someone honest enough to tell you when you overstep your boundaries. Once she was finished, she was right... now this is what is going on now. I like honesty and respect people who voice their thoughts. I can also just turn things over to her and know that not only will it get done, if there is a problem, she is on top of it. Is she like that with just me? No, she is like that with everyone, she just makes me feel like I'm the center of the universe. LOL. I'll shut up now, but yes, she has my vote.

    S.E. Smith New York Times & USA TODAY Bestselling Author
  • As one of our team of authors, S.E. Smith introduced us to Narelle Todd of Get My Book Out There a few months before Pets in Space was due to release. The decision to contract with Get My Book Out There was a critical success factor second only to our choice of Hero Dogs for our charity. She didn’t just help us promote the anthology. She freely shared her knowledge with us and kept us on track and on target for our release. Narelle’s gasp of advanced promotional tools was exceptional and her ability to identify and effectively target ads aimed at various reader audiences was amazing. Her knowledge of current marketing techniques and flexility in applying them for measurable results was critical to our project’s success. She applied user-friendly project management tools to keep all nine authors on the anthology team fully aware at all times of what had been done, what was due, and what needed to occur in the near future. Many moving parts in a multi-author enterprise such as Pets In Space, but Narelle kept us as managing partners fully in the loop. Narelle is not only a savvy expert in the art of promotion, she was unfailingly kind and patient. Her attitude was always “how can I help?” She encouraged us to try new things and had a great sense of humor through the process. We plan to work with her again on Pets In Space 2, and look forward to the experience. We were able to make a generous donation to our charity from the proceeds of Pets In Space, due in large part to Narelle’s ability to ‘get the word out’ and help us generate buzz about the book. Pets in Space anthology has been released in 2016, 2017, and 2018. * USA TODAY Bestselling Book 2017, 2018 * Library Journal Best Book (eOriginal) for 2016, 2017 * SFR Galaxy Awards: Best Anthology; Best Interstellar Menagerie, 2016 * SFR Galaxy Award, Happier by the Dozen, 2017 For more Pets in Space, go to: https://www.petsinspaceantho.com

    Pauline Baird Jones and Veronica Scott USA TODAY Bestselling Authors