Get your books visible to readers who love to devour a good book!

90 Days to Author Visibility Coaching Package

Many people dream of becoming a published fiction author but don't have a clue how to do it. Has your dream come true?

You've written the stories, but now, you are looking what to do next. In the overwhelming world of indie publishing, it is easy to get lost by chasing the next big marketing idea. There are so many roads leading in different directions.

If you are looking for the one road that doesn't take you in loops, dead ends, or leave you frustrated, you've found it here. I have listened to the New York Times, USA TODAY, and Award-winning authors I have worked with and helped to sell over 5 million copies of their books, as well as new authors, and created a simple, straightforward, easy to follow system that will help you break through the invisibility your books are suffering from.

In working with me, you will work my focused systems so that you know what to do every day to increase your visibility and sell more books so you become your genre’s star.

The Author Visibility Coaching Package will show exactly what it takes to be the star author in your genre, including:


Wanting to sell more books is a great wish but without a plan, it will just be a pie in the sky dream.

  • A 90-day business plan so you have a clear direction for your business
  • A marketing gap analysis so you know what is currently working for you and where you need to improve


Creative marketing ideas and solutions to reach more people in more places

  • Increase your subscriber lists from multiple platforms
  • Improve your author rankings and increase your sales
  • Engage readers whilst they wait for your next book


  • Maximize your time writing with our “be everywhere in only 15 minutes a day strategy” so you start shining like the genre star you are
  • Have confidence in outsourcing work to your VA with my Done-For-You templates which you can give to your VA to follow step by step

Narelle is not only a savvy expert in the art of promotion, she was unfailingly kind and patient. Her attitude was always “how can I help?” She encouraged us to try new things and had a great sense of humor through the process.

-Pauline Baird Jones & Veronica Scott